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5 Ways to Keep Your Boat Safe

When spending a day on the boat with your friends and family, safety should be your foremost priority. Safely operate your boat with the following tips to prevent damage and injury.

Check the Weather

While you should always check weather updates before setting out, you can’t always predict a storm. Chopping water and varying gusts of wind are signs of an approaching storm. It’s important to take proactive measures to prevent storm damage to boats. It’s best to move your boat away from tidal waters. If it must remain in a marina berth, ensure that the dock has robust pilings and provides shelter from the storm surge and open water.

Don’t Overload Your Boat with People or Equipment

It’s dangerous to overload a boat as it increases instability, reduces freeboard, and increases the risk of swamping in rough weather. Even in calm waters, an overloaded boat can capsize, especially when it makes an abrupt turn or if a person onboard shifts position. As a result, the boat is likely to turn over and founder.

Properly Anchor Your Boat

Learning how to anchor your boat is a skill mastered by every boater. An anchor holds a boat in place in a sheltered cove for hours. It’s also essential for safety gear. If your boat engine fails, a well-set anchor will keep it from drifting ashore where it’s likely to be damaged.

When anchoring your boat, determine the depth of the water where you want to drop the anchor. Lower the anchor, let out sufficient scope, and secure its rope to a bow cleat.

Follow the Docking Procedure

Docking can be challenging depending on the wind, water current, and type of boat. To prevent damage to your craft, ensure that your bumpers are out as you approach the shore or dock. You can also secure your boat with lines.

Studies estimate that approximately 70% of boats are damaged due to operator error. So, before leaving the dock, be sure to follow the rules.

Buy Boat Insurance Policy

A boat insurance policy protects your boat from several risks. It features property coverage to help you repair your boat if it’s damaged in an accident. It will also allow you to replace your boat in the event of theft. Typically, a boat insurance policy protects a boat, whether it’s on land or water.

For a robust boat insurance policy, Ron Davis Insurance and Bail Bonds are here to assist you. In addition, we offer home insurance, health insurance, commercial auto insurance, life insurance, motorcycle insurance, and more. Get in touch with our experts for more information about our services.



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