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FAQs About Bail Bonds: Answered

In the United States, every state has specific bail laws. In Indianapolis, a licensed bail agent may post any type of bond on behalf of their client to get them out of jail before the court hearing. The court allows in-person and online payments. Many people don’t have a good understanding of the court process and how bail bonds work. Therefore, we’ve compiled some of the frequently asked questions to educate our readers. Let’s get started:

FAQ #1: What is a bail bond?

A bail bond is a contract that allows a person to get out of jail before the court hearing. The agreement states that sureties will guarantee that the defendant released from the custody will appear in front of the judge at a specified date to answer the charge made against them. The bail amounts are often high, and not many people can afford it. In such cases, bail bond agencies can secure a person’s release by charging a small service fee.

FAQ #2: How to get the bail process started?

You must provide the person’s name and country of arrest to the bail bond company to get the process started. It’s recommended to provide extra details, including arrest charges, bond amount, booking number, etc., to expedite the process. Your bail bond agent will pay the bond amount and assure the defendant’s attendance in the court so they can await their sentencing dates at home rather than jail.

FAQ #3: How does a court determine the bond amount?

A court considers several factors when determining a defendant’s bond amount, which may include the severity of the charge(s), defendant’s past criminal record, employment status, close ties to the community, the flight risk (the risk of escaping out of the area or country before the trial), and more. The bail amount is forfeited to the court in case the defendant fails to show as ordered by the court.

FAQ #4: What happens when a defendant skips bail?

The failure to appear in court can result in very serious charges for the defendant. The court will issue a warrant so the police will look for the defendant and arrest them. The defendant no longer has a bail option available. Moreover, they face new charges in addition to the existing charges. The person who hired the bail bonds service for the defendant’s release will owe them money paid in full for the bail.

You’d have your loved one’s best interests at heart. You must find a trusted bails bond service provider to ensure your loved one remains out of jail until the court date and follow the court proceedings as per the law.

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